Some realisations

Appartment on sell

Croix de Rozon (Appartment on sell), Collonges-Sous-Salève, France

Build of the promotion website, which was removed once the appartment was sold.
The biggest job was based on a strong SEO work.

December 2012

Karbon 2000

Karbon 2000 (Bikes shop), Reignier, France

Build of the ecommerce website .
Work also on the catalog pictures.
(website no longer available)

October 2012 - November 2012

Locations d'appartements Thyez

Chalet Paille en Queue (Flats to rent), Thyez, France

Build of the Web site
Web site build (conception, designing, build and test).
Setting-up challenge timeline → less than 1 week.

January 2010

WebCreationService CMS

WebCreationService (Web agency), France

Build of my own CMS software "WebCreationService" with a user friendly control interface.

January 2010

SIVOM de la Région de Cluses

SIVOM de la Région de Cluses (Territorial administration), Thyez, France

Build of the Web site
Web site build (conception, designing, build and test),
Support and user training,
Advertising campaign (e.g. television reportage of tv8montblanc chanel).

October 2008 - January 2009

AHOS Technology

AHOS Technology (French production firm), Krakow, Poland

Defining a commercial proposition to fullfill the custommer requirement,
Defining the Visual Identity and adaptation to several supports (Logo, graphic design, business card, etc.),
Web site building (conception, designing, build and test), multi-languages support.
Unfortunately stayed as an offline project (2008 crise in France).

January 2008

Vibrations Métissages

Vibrations Métissages (Music Festival), Habère-Poche, France

Web site build and participation to the festival promotion:
Web site build (conception, designing, build and test).
Participation to the one music festival advertisement campaign.

February 2007 - December 2007

Restaurant Brasserie Europraille

Europraille (Restaurant), Geneva, Switzerland

Web site build (conception, designing, build and test).
Realisation of the menu list, wine list, cocktail list, etc.
Website no longer available since the ownership change.

Year 2005

Gwenaël Guillard - Web Developer - About me : Few things, I am a French citizen living in the Northern Alps area and graduate in Web developpement. And I love mountaineering !!